I Die Everyday

IMG_20160526_174521I die everyday with the daily dose of depression that you give.
I die, I die and there’s none to revive me…
Or wipe away the tears that trickle down from the corners of my eyes..
Or to give some hue to my pale blue lips

I walk, I talk, I breathe, I eat but still I do not live
I laugh loud with my friends, sing joyously with my babies,
But deep down I’m writhing in pain…
The pain that causes me to die again and again.

I can’t feel anymore, all my feelings are gone..
Feelings of love, Feelings of excitement, of love…
I’ve forgotten the flutters of the heart,
The butterflies and crunches in the stomach
That comes with eye lock with the one you love..

All these are like a dream and I’ve become oblivious to it
They are far flung feelings that’s now buried deep underneath….


7 thoughts on “I Die Everyday

  1. Just stopped by to thank you for your recent follow and enjoy your writing. As an old guy, please permit me to say more. If I have overstepped my bounds, tell me. Your poems are heartfelt, sometimes painful for me as I wonder what you are going though as it tugs at my history of dysfunction and abuse as a child (see my blog About, etc. ) Blame is one thing; Broken is another, your pain and depression another still. My past pain cries out to you – whether it applies to you or not – please remember that no one deserves abuse of any kind in any way. So, I trust and hope your roller-coaster of emotions is free of any kind of abuse. No one deserves abuse. Each day of life is a gift; take care.

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    1. I don’t know what to say.. But thank you so much for your concern. I guess we all have to go through abuse of some kind in our lives.. Im sorry to hear about yours. Hope it doesn’t affect you anymore. Yes life is a gift and we have to make the most of it. I still carry even though I suffer from bouts of depression every now and then. Im trying to make the most of my life. You too take care sir. Thank you again.


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