I blame the wind
For the pangs of loneliness
Which slowly creeps up my soul
And devours me whole
And takes control of my reason.
I blame the night,
The night that engulfs me
With its impenetrable darkness
So dark, my hands disappear and
My life vanishes in a flicker.

I blame the sun
For letting me see ugly truths
Truths which I always evaded
Or which I overlooked
Inevitable though I knew.

I blame the thunder,
For coming uninvited,
With a terrying countenance
To frighten off the innocent faces-
But it brought me back my senses.

I thank the rains
That trickle down on me,
My eyes and my heart,
Relieving me of my throbbing pain
Washing away the insanity
That enveloped me fully
And tried to swallow me and
Finish me in an undesirable way
That would have put me
In a bad light in the eyes of all.

Now I know the blame is on me,
On me alone and none else.
So take me away
Wallop me, castigate me,
Chastise me, so i can see
All truth vividly,
And mend my ways and make up
For the things I have blundered
And the things I possess
Which makes you vomit
On me and my flesh.


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