There’s nothing for you here-

Just a fallow heath,

A skeleton of a tree,

A dried well,

A barren womb,

A cold heartless heart,

A soulless being.

There’s nothing here!!

Nothing for you to find.



– elliemeg




I have forgotten how it feels like to be loved…

I have forgotten the feel of a soft touch..

Fingers caressing the folds of my skin..

Sensuous kisses travelling from the lips

To the nape of my neck and further below..

The tender look which needed not words

And your eyes which said I was your world…

Yes, I’ve forgotten them all, forgotten how they felt like…

No they are no more there and never more will be..

I have lost you, I have lost your love.

Beneath My Wings

I held you in the hollows of my arms

Lifting and supporting you

As you cringed further below

Trying to hide from the eyes

That you once thought adored you.

Insinuating eyes that now follow you

Into every nook and bend

Until you feel cornered

And overpowered by it’s presence.

No the eyes are not there now

But you are overwhelmed with guilt

Which makes you see them everywhere.

My attempts to comfort you are all in vain

Yet I give not up, for you are mine

And mine you’ll always be

I’ll forever protect you

And catch you from falling further.

You are safe beneath my wings.




Walk on

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart


The poem is not mine. Sharing it cause I loved it

My Dada Baby


I wake up to the sound of your voice

Every morning, prepare your feed and

Fall asleep again with your arms

Wrapped around me and your breath

Warm against my cheek.

You open your big round eyes and say,

Amma, I’ll stay with you the whole day,

Please don’t go to work,

Please don’t send me to school today.

My heart pains to part with you

Even if it’s just for a while to school.

When I see your big round eyes swell

With tears and big droplets fall on your cheeks.

But I get to hug you again soon enough

And to hear your sweet voice say

Amma, I’ll stay with you the whole day.

We hug, we laugh, we roll, we eat,

We watch cartoons together,

We play with little cars, your mini coopers,

Your audi, JCB, and aeroplanes and bikes,

And spend the rest of the day leisurely

In each other’s company.

Your expression of love touches me deeply,

And my love for you knows no bounds,

My boy, my Dada Baby, as you call yourself,

You’re the best gift that God has bestowed upon me.


This World of Evilness

ally's writings

The more you become good and successful,

The more people get jealous of you and start hating you.

The more you love and respect them,

The more they take advantage of it and take you for granted.

Life is not and never can be a fairytale

With such nasty people around,

Who doesn’t know the meaning of love and kindness

And such words never can come out of their mouth.

In this world where there is act of pure evilness and selfishness,

Love turns to hate and kindness turns to barbarousness,

Friends turns to enemies and hero turns to villain,

Yes and yes i’m talking about this world of evilness.

Why do everyone think about themselves and can’t think about others?

Why can’t we live in peace together?

Why can’t we be civil and united?

What’s wrong with this world?

Why can’t we become the change we want to see…

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