I Live on, for You


There were days when

I didn’t know what to do,

Or what was happening to my life.

Days were counted, one by one.

Days seemed to stretch to months,

And nights seemed to stretch to years.

Time seemed to move its hands

Like a snail in a race course.

Alone and depressed, I longed a loving arm.

Your arm and none else.

There were times when I wished

Not to wake, but to sleep eternally.

Wished peace would find its way

To end the turmoil in my days and nights.

Yet I dragged on, as I knew

I’d have to finish my race

For I have little faces looking up to me.

With the same longing

To be loved, to be cared for,

And needing a loving arm

To soothe them, and a hand to guide them,

And understand their emotional needs,

And fulfil their odd demands and above all,

To consider them my first priority.

So I keep aside my needs, my woes,

And I live for them, my little ones, and for you

For no matter what you do to me, I love you.


This World of Evilness

ally's writings

The more you become good and successful,

The more people get jealous of you and start hating you.

The more you love and respect them,

The more they take advantage of it and take you for granted.

Life is not and never can be a fairytale

With such nasty people around,

Who doesn’t know the meaning of love and kindness

And such words never can come out of their mouth.

In this world where there is act of pure evilness and selfishness,

Love turns to hate and kindness turns to barbarousness,

Friends turns to enemies and hero turns to villain,

Yes and yes i’m talking about this world of evilness.

Why do everyone think about themselves and can’t think about others?

Why can’t we live in peace together?

Why can’t we be civil and united?

What’s wrong with this world?

Why can’t we become the change we want to see…

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