Beneath My Wings

I held you in the hollows of my arms

Lifting and supporting you

As you cringed further below

Trying to hide from the eyes

That you once thought adored you.

Insinuating eyes that now follow you

Into every nook and bend

Until you feel cornered

And overpowered by it’s presence.

No the eyes are not there now

But you are overwhelmed with guilt

Which makes you see them everywhere.

My attempts to comfort you are all in vain

Yet I give not up, for you are mine

And mine you’ll always be

I’ll forever protect you

And catch you from falling further.

You are safe beneath my wings.





My Ray


My Ray of light,
The sweetest smile you’ll ever see
Smile that will turn
Your frown into felicity
And sigh into laughter.

My Ray of happiness
My twinkle in the eye,
You’re my warmth in the cold,
Sunshine, on a gloomy day,
My reason to smile and laugh.

My Ray of hope,
You’re my rainbow after the storm,
The reason why I carry on.
Because of you, I know,
There’s still good in the world.

My Ray, I love you so
Nothing compares to the love I have for you.
Even when all have given up on me
I know you’ll always be there for me.
I love you Ray, my son, I live for you.